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Lilac Picnic

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How does a picnic book work?
A: We set up your picnic of choice and have it ready upon arrival. We’ll be at the site to greet you and make sure nobody else decides to have your picnic! Once you arrive, we leave you to enjoy your experience for the reserved time. You are responsible for the items until we return to pack them up at the arranged time. If you would like to leave earlier than this time, please provide 30 mins notice by call or text. Once we return to pack up, you are free to leave and enjoy the rest of your day or evening.
Q: How much notice do you need to create a picnic?
A: We suggest at least 1 week notice so we can provide the best picnic experience for you. However, we do get fully booked - especially on weekends. The more notice you can give, the better!
Q: What is included in a picnic?
A: We currently offer picnic packages suitable for 2-25 people. However, we can accommodate events up to 100+ people with   other rental companies. Contact us to make magic!
Each Picnic Package Includes:
  • Styled picnic setting with rugs and/or blankets

  • Candles and/or lanterns 

  • Assortment of colored pillows/cushions

  • Low table with table runner or table cloth

  • Dinner plates, chargers, linen, napkin, flatware, glassware 

  • Fringe Umbrella (dependent on style/optional)

  • Use everything for up to 2 hours

  • Delivery, set up, pack up, + clean up

About Styling:

  • Each set up and design varies on your style, color preference and picnic size. Let us know if you have a style preference and/or color scheme so we can tailor a picnic to fit your special occasion.
Adds on:
  • Fresh floral arrangment

  • Cheeseboard 

  • Custom ballon art

  • Photo/video session

Q: Do you provide beverages or ice?
A: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide beverages or ice for picnics
Q: Is alcohol allowed?
A: Depends on the location. We will make sure to include it on the event page.
Q: Can I bring my own food and beverages?
A: Yes!
Q: Can you set up anywhere?
A: We require a location to be within 50 yds of vehicle access. There may be additional costs if there isn’t close vehicle access or if it’s outside of DFW. 
Q: What if it rains?
A: Texas weather can be crazy. That said, we can always move your picnic to an indoor location! If not, we are happy to reschedule you for another date within the calendar year at no additional cost.
Rescheduling and Cancellation/Rain & Wet Weather 
  1. Any cancellation will result in loss of the 50% non-refundable retainer.  
  2. In the case of rain/wet weather, the Client has up to 72 hours prior to the Event to decide if they want to make alternate arrangements at an indoor location or reschedule the event.
  3. The Client has a 3 month limit following the cancelled event for rescheduling and must be of equal or higher value.
  4. Lilac Picnic will apply the Client's original 50% non-refundable retainer toward this rescheduled event if it is within 3 months of the original Event Date.
  5. If Vendor is not notified of cancellation, intent of rescheduling or change in venue a minimum of 72 hours hours prior to Event Date, no refunds of any kind will be provided.
  6. In the case the weather forecast predicts wet weather, Lilac Picnic. will not assemble items outdoors.
Q: How do I secure my booking?
A: A 50% retainer is required to secure your booking. This booking fee is non-refundable. The remaining balance is due 5 days before your booking.
Q: Can we leave whenever we want?
A: If you would like to leave earlier than the arranged time, please provide us a 30 min notice via phone call or text. You are responsible for the picnic items until we are able to return and pack up.
Q: What's your cancellation policy?
A: Any cancellation will result in loss of 50% non-refundable retainer. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for cancellations made within two weeks of the booking. 
Q: What if I break something?
A:We are happy to clean up after you, that’s part of our service! However, if there is irreparable damage to our equipment, then an additional fee will apply.
Q: What precautions are you taking surrounding COVID-19?
A: We thoroughly clean, wash, and sanitize all linens, pillows and dishware before each picnic. We are also able to offer no-contact setup and cleanup if you would prefer that - we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible! Additionally, we will be wearing masks and gloves throughout the set up and clean up process.
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